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Gamblers acquire a lot of money from these betting …

Exclusive designer shoe chairs for those looking for comfort and style

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The True Meaning of Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and Dan and I have NOT succumbed to the shopping frenzy. But that’s really not new this year for us – we have never indulged in the Christmas shopping frenzy that has taken over America. We have always exchanged a few Christmas gifts depending on our economic status of the time, which usually isn’t much since I work in the non-profit world!

And last night as we were talking about exchanging presents we asked each other what we’d given each other last year. We couldn’t remember! Can you remember what you gave as a Christmas gift to your spouse or family members or received from them last year? Chances are the answer is no, and your unremembered gift is languishing in a corner somewhere. Or perhaps you returned it to get something else.

This year, since we are shopping unchained, my whole take on Christmas has altered …

After Christmas Sales

Dan and I just got back from our after Christmas sales shopping sprees. We went to our two favorite clothing stores in town. For me, it’s Orange Blossom, a wonderful women’s boutique with stylish clothes, great service, and great sales. For Dan, it’s The Town Squire, a traditional men’s clothing store conveniently located two doors down from Orange Blossom with high quality clothes and incredible customer service.  (They wrapped all of my Christmas presents for Dan when I shopped there before the holidays, which was such a time saver, and the presents looked so much better than anything I can do).

We are now past our one year mark for our unchained living experiment, but we have both vowed – to different degrees – to keep shopping unchained. So we decided to check out the after-Christmas sales at each of these clothing stores. We went our seperate ways to see …

Lesson 7: Fast Food Franchises and Chain Restaurants Have Turned Mediocre Food into a National Norm

I think it was Stan Luxenberg in Roadside Empires: How the Chains Franchised America who said that fast food chains guarantee a consistent level of mediocrity.

I’ve been aware of how mediocre fast food and chain restaurants are for several years before we began our experiment in unchained living. So doing without them has been more than easy for me. I never ate much fast food anyway because I thought it tasted lousy. But I’d still eat it from time to time — until around 2004 or 2005. At that time, Lisa and I had our company that manufactured rubber art stamps and were driving to a convention in South Carolina (or some place like that). Normally, we’d stop at a roadside rest area and get some fast food for lunch. So we stopped and went to a Taco Bell. My taco tasted so bad that I threw it away …

10 Lessons I Learned from Living Unchained: Lessons 1-6

Well, Lisa’s and my experiement in living an unchained life for a year ended on December 31, 2009. Now we can return — if we want — to shopping at chain stores and eating at chain restaurants. Did I gain any insights from that year year of “sacrifice”? Did I learn any lessons?

Actually, I learned quite a few lessons.

Lesson 1: Living Unchained Can Is a Balance Between Convenience and Principle

Living without shopping at chain stores and eating at chain restaurants can be difficult. We’ve been trained by society to want convenience. We do not want to wait — and we do want everything now.

I struggled with balancing convenience and principle. A nonchain store might not be nearby. And if you’re in a hurry, you might not want to spend the time traveling a long distance just to pick up a single item. (For me, a round

Amazon Vs Macmillan

Amazon vs Macmillan. The world’s largest online retailer, which accounts for 15-20% of books sold in this country, pitted against one of the sixth largest book publishers. A match between titans.

Up until its fight with Macmillan, Amazon charged $9.99 for an ebook. But instead of pricing all ebooks the same, Macmillan wanted Amazon to charge between $12.99 to $14.99 for ebooks it published, which is called the “agency model.” The price of a Macmillan book would decrease over time as the book lost its status as a new release. The deal was similar to the one Macmillan (and four of the other “Big Six” publishers) had just signed with Apple for use with its iPad.

In response, Amazon removed all of Macmillan’s titles from its web site.

In the end, though, Amazon — in its words — “capitulated” because Macmillan held a “monopoly” on its books:

Dear Customers: